These guys are wedding musicians and DJ’s on steroids. They play a whole load of instruments, from funky acoustic setups to electrifying fusion acts along with their DJ sets. Werner Denner (owner of Man with Music) says:

“When a couple books us, I want to blow them away . . give everything I have to give. I want to make every minute, from when the first guests arrive, till the last song of the evening, exciting and fun. When you bring that kind of energy to the party, people light up, take note and truly enjoy themselves.”

The following is a possible scenario of what to expect when you hire the duo option from Man with Music. Note that they tailor make the experience according to taste. The boys start with a gentle piano and percussion set at the ceremony. A violin or cello player is available on request. Expect well known songs played in a beautiful instrumental way. Then they move to modern lounge vibes with saxophones and flutes during pre drinks. This will get everyone swaying. Think cocktails over a Café del Mar/ Buddha Bar set. Through dinner they perform the coolest guitar music. It’s a mix of show numbers and acoustic gypsy-like songs – very festive with that “wow” factor. Guests will clap along and most probably start dancing.

On the last note they hit the decks, and then man oh man . . it’s official. Time to get down and groovy. For those looking for something different – Man with Music will be a sure hit. You will fall in love with them and dance the the night away. Werner and his team take care of all the technical requirements, from microphones, speakers, lighting, DJ booths etc. They bring everything. The setups are minimalist and professional – a great fit for beautiful celebrations.

Find out more about how they word by reading the FAQ.