We are very excited that you are considering booking Man with Music for your wedding day.  We offer a full entertainment solution, from ceremony to dance floor.   We have compiled a FAQ list to let you know more about how we work.

What time will you arrive at the wedding venue?

Four to five hours before the big moment. Setting up equipment so it blends in takes a bit of time.

What is your normal wedding attire?

Top to toe in formal black. I’m a suit guy. If you are having a more relaxed wedding please let us know so we can dress appropriately.

Do you bring along your own lighting?

Off course. The standard reception setup includes four moving wash lights and four uplights. We control them from our booth. They are all connected and synced to move in time with the music.

Do you have your own DJ booth?

Yes. There are two options. A white wooden booth or a modern black stand.

Will you provide music, sound and microphones for the ceremony?

Our full day options include absolutely everything. Two cordless handheld mics, a lapel mic and headset mic are all available at any time throughout the day. We also provide a top-end sound systems at every stage, from ceremony, pre drinks right through to reception.

What are the ceremony music options?

Start with piano as a base and add violin, percussion, cello etc. Let’s have a chat and book something cool for you.

What are the pre-drinks music options?

Either DJ with saxes and flutes, this is a modern and upbeat option. Or our guitar duo, a nice energetic mix of old and new melodies strummed by two guitarists in a very unique way.

Explain the famous dinner Show act.

I line up a bunch of instruments and walk through tables playing some coolness. This act gets everyone in a party mood.

Will you provide sound for the reception and speeches?

Yes, everything is included.

Explain your DJ style.

I simply play for the crowd. We like to keep it light, familiar, uptempo and fun. My job is to pick the songs you love and play them at the right time.

Do you accept requests from guests?

Sure. I have no problem with a reasonable request, but generally I don’t get many. If you read the guests well, you’ll end up playing what people want to hear anyway.

What are the overtime fees?

It depends on the package. We usually work it in.

Do you require a meal at the wedding?

That would be very nice. Thank you.

How many years experience do you have doing weddings?

I did my first wedding in the year 2000 when I was 16. In 2006 I did my first proper season of weddings as a full time musician and DJ.

How far will you travel?

I absolutely love a good road trip. Please give me an excuse. Any excuse. What country do you need me in?

We have special songs that we want played through our a day. Can you accommodate this? 

You hire me to help you have the time of your lives. There is nothing I will not do or play for you on your day.

One of our guest wants to sing a song. Can he or she play on your guitar or piano?

Absolutely. No problem.