Are you looking for Cape Town wedding photographers? Well, photography is a passion of mine. With enough time to adjust lighting and camera settings, a couple of hundred shutter releases and the repositioning of my talent a few times, I am able to eventually produce a fairly artistic image that, mathematically calculated, should be pleasing to look at.

However, when it comes to documenting an event like a wedding and capturing the whole ordeal over a period of eight plus hours, I think it best if I stick to my own field of expertise, entertainment.  

Perfecting run and gun photography, in conditions that are usually not optimal for photography, as in the case of most events, is a practice that requires dedication and experience. In other words: You have to know what the heck you are doing.

Photographers need to be able to work and adjust the camera’s various settings quickly… as in on the fly. They need multiple lenses and experience to pick the right lens before they take the shot. This means they need to anticipate what will happen in a world of events where things can be fairly unpredictable. Posing awkward people that are camera shy is no easy task. Capturing natural looking photos of practiced posers is equally difficult. While the photographer calculates settings like shutter speed, aperture, ISO, focal length, talent positioning, lighting conditions and so on, just remember that there is also framing and timing to consider. A second too late is a second that never existed. No pressure. 

This off course is then followed by the laborious editing process that may take weeks, depending on the photographers level of commitment, their style and level professionalism. 

Even if you know nothing about photography you can not deny that some photos are awesome to look at where others do not exactly raise your heartbeat.  

In a world where camera equipment is accessible to a lot of us and where a number of hustlers are hoping to make an extra buck instead of offering a superior skill set, I suggest you take more than a moment to choose a pro that can properly capture an entire album of your event. 

Here are a few “snappers” I will confidently recommend. My opinions are subjective and based on my personal experience at weddings.

Shantelle Visser

Having done a couple of weddings alongside her, I can tell you that this woman has passion and the skills to compete in the big leagues. She is a friendly, bubbly individual with a great eye. To me her style reflects the realism and actual happenings of an event. She captures moments as they actually play out. If you want a professional, willing to go beyond the call of duty and someone that really cares about her work – pick this woman.

ZaraZoo Photography

They are a team of professionals led by Stefan Steenkamp – A photographer with many international claims behind his name. Observing the pack as they work together and witnessing the results, renders no surprise to their success over the last decade. They deliver a high-end product and they do it with flair. If you want shots straight out of a magazine and a team of trusty pros, ZaraZoo will not disappoint.

Stefan from ZaraZoo is also responsible for the great feature image on this post! Thank you!

Lauren Pretorius Photography

‘What a great human being and talented photographer’ is what comes to mind when I think of Lauren. She might have perfected the art of being a fly on a wall and sneakily capture all your best moments without you ever knowing there is a camera in the room. I enjoy the spontaneity reflected in her work. If you love natural, unrehearsed, perfectly framed photos – Lauren is your lady. 

Expression Photography

A quirky and fun husband and wife team that has an energetic approach to taking photos. They are completely in sync with one another and their surroundings –  prepared, experienced well seasoned pro’s that will make you smile on and off camera. If you are fun, and easy going peeps getting married, these guys are a perfect match to capture your memories. 

Vivid Blue

These guys have been in the industry for years. They have a documentary style approach to shooting and I find their photos not only well captured, but also informative. They tend to blend in instead of taking director ship and when looking at their shots I often spot things that I missed at the actual event. If you are looking for a detailed capture of your day, look no further.