Festivals are really so much fun for us to play at.

We have so much music ranging over so many genre’s that it is a “no brainer” for the many venues that approach us to place a booking.
We do best in a classy setting where the food and wine is of exceptional quality. Good food, great wine and amazing music attracts great people. We specifically cater for that market made up of classy people that enjoy the good spoils of life.

We have the perfect sound systems for this that can play in rain and sun alike as long as we the musicians are covered.

We don’t approach festivals with the aim for people to sit down and listen quietly to our music, although it sometimes turns out that way spontaneously. We aim to create a festive vibe with a variety of acts to entertain guests in an informal way. We want to hear those bubbly outbursts, laughter and festiveness in between our music creations.

We set up all our equipment and simply change between many instruments and acts depending on how the day progresses. We also DJ in between our live acts, which makes it possible for us to go on for a whole day and create a party in the evening if required.

All and all. You’ll get a variety of exceptional musical acts, a great DJ and crystal clear sound for an entire day in one neat easy package. Like I said earlier: It’s a no brainer.

You are very welcome to inquire about the notable gigs we have done through the years.