An Olive Rock Wedding


Looking back as a performer, there are venues that you would happily avoid in the future and those that you would happily go back to. One of the later is the Olive Rock wedding venue.

A few kilometres outside Tulbagh and before Wolesley in the Western Cape, this place is truly pretty.

Green lawns against a magnificent mountain backdrop for the ceremony and then a small walk down some stone steps to the pre-drinks area which has been reconstituted from a very old and rocky stream bed.

The balcony of the venue overlooks this area so we set up the live set gear on the edge of that balcony where the sound would carry down to the guests. Ideal as it meant that we could just turn everything around quickly for the actual reception. Ideal as well in that we did not intrude on conversations and friend reunions.

A large Bedouin tent with twinkling lights, candles, magic place settings and flowers, turned this large balcony into a magical fairyland as darkness fell. What an amazing place for a wedding!

A very decent crowd with intelligent speeches, lots of love and togetherness made our day.

The food was amazing, the wine flowed and we did ourselves proud music wise.

That part of the world, with its awe inspiring natural craggy beauty, with mountains and streams in abundance, is worth a trip to. Even if you are not a potential bride and groom, the couple of restaurants and similar establishments along that route are really worth a visit.

Thank you Lilac Photography for the great photo!